Saturday, April 13, 2013

Grammar: they're, their, there

I'm bored and out of ideas, so here's a grammar update. These three words all sound the same, but are used for completely different purposes. It is very commonly confused on the interwebs. And I know at least one person who knows which one to use yet doesn't when texting/emailing.


Used for places and as some sort of filler that I don't know the technical term for.

"There are 5 people here."

"I am going there to have lunch."
"Oh no you didn't go there, girlfriend!"
"I have no recollection of being there, officer."


This one's to signify possession, someone or something belonging to someone or something.

"Their shirts are ugly."

"I am going to eat their shorts."
"All of their socks are white."


A contraction of they and are.

"They're going to take away our shoes!"

"They're going to regret this."
"I don't like the way they're looking at me."


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