Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dear Diary #70: From Sickness to Health-ish

Dear Diary,

Someone else is sick and coughing/sneezing all over the place. His symptoms started showing two days ago. And here I am today, throat is starting to act up, nose getting irritated. I've been careful to not touch common items, washing my hands, and "dry" cleaning my hands when possible. That may have amounted to nothing and I may be looking at a week or two of feeling like absolute crap. Thanks a lot to the person with no sense of hygiene.

Yep, not feeling great. Sinuses or something. Throat feels like I've been running a blow-dryer at it all day and night. Nose only starting to leak. The brain feels like it's been kicked a few times. Not totally out of it. I'm surprisingly productive today.

Captain's log: starting to get to that part of sickness where I want to hurl but I know that nothing will come out.

Now at that point where my nose isn't leaking but it's not right because it's too dry. Throat is dry as sand, especially at night. Air feels like I'm breathing from a furnace. Again, thanks person who coughed everywhere, sneezed all over his hands, rarely washed his hands, and mashes his soiled hands all over commonly used items like the microwave, light switches, and dinnerware.

Day 4: Looks like all the symptoms are on hold, no better or worse than day 3. No coughing, nose barely leaking, but nasal passages are definitely bloated. Both nostrils also surprisingly work.

Like a week later: instead of my head feeling like a brick went through it, it only feels like a child kicked it. Symptoms dying down, still feeling slightly weird. Kind of surprised the symptoms never got that bad and the problem was resolved relatively quickly.


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