Saturday, September 30, 2017

Dear Diary #56: Nitrile Gloves, Sunday TV, I Need a Pardon?

Dear Diary,

Been looking up some software packages that now appear to only be available in subscription format. Dang... I really missed out on the opportunity of being able to only pay once a few years ago. The idea never came up for some reason.

I think I finally figured out why various ad companies think I'm a felon in need of a pardon or to clear my record: I search for "Person of Interest" on a somewhat regular basis. The TV show that ran for five seasons on CBS. Not trying to look myself up to see if there's a warrant out for my arrest...

Wishing that the TV people would realize that there's more than one day in the seven day week, by which I mean, there's more than just Sunday. My DVR only has two tuners so can only watch/record two shows at once. Too much stuff scheduled for Sunday evening, almost turns it into a chore to get everything watched.

There's a Lego Ninjago movie. The only reason I care is because I'm now hearing it pronounced properly. For years, I've been pronouncing Ninjago as Ninja-Go like two separate words...

Glad I didn't upgrade my computer a month or so ago when everything went into the toilet. New processors got announced recently and it looks like I won't have to go back to dual core from my current, eight-ish year old quad core setup -- that's not completely true, I don't think I ever had a dual core since I skipped that generation with ~5 year upgrade intervals.

I won the jury duty "lottery." Really got complacent and never gave it any thought because I had gone through more than a decade of adulthood without being bothered. Now I await being called to sit in a room of prospective jurors and hope to get excused or passed over.

Just tried to wipe a mess on the floor with a nitrile disposable glove. It was a nightmare because the glove kept slipping off the wet paper towel, couldn't get a good enough grip to make a wiping motion. Never had this problem with my multiple boxes of latex gloves. Guess I gotta order another box of latex gloves then.


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