Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dear Diary #45: Hate to Return, Mesh Chairs, Free Shipping Woes

Dear Diary,

Translated someone's twitter tweet thing from French: Hâte de revenir. My first guess was "hate to come back." Translator I used said "look forward to." I don't know where the word "hate" in English originated from but if it came from French, my mind is blown.

Me (a while ago): Why would I pay for one of those office chairs with a mesh-like seat. To let my ass breathe? But why?
Me (summer, no A/C): I wish I had one of those mesh-like seat office chairs so my lower half could breathe. Maybe then I'd stop sweating a liter every hour.

Ugh, gotta wake up early in a few days and travel to the other end of town. Worst of all, gotta rely on public transit and I have no confidence in that thing to take me anywhere on time. So, gotta wake up and leave even earlier. If I'm lucky, I'll be really early and have to hang around doing nothing in a strange building looking like a security problem for an hour. Now I remember why I hate being early.

Is it irrational to watch training videos for Microsoft Word and Excel to brush up? I mean, I've only been using it for over a decade at school and at work, across a couple versions before and after the tab thing. And when anyone at work has a problem, I'm usually the go-to person.

Note to self: try not to zone out at the checkout when waiting in line and don't assume the cashier can tell people's stashes apart without a divider.

Price of something on Amazon went down which is nice. But that meant I was under the free shipping threshold by a couple cents and I had nothing else I really needed which is bad.


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