Monday, May 22, 2017

Dear Diary #37: Freezing in the Spring, Noise, Insects

Dear Diary,

It's May. Why is it still so cold? My fingers are freezing.

Had to stop watching a movie because of too much ambient noise and there were no captions for some reason. My TV has the caption setting permanently on. Discovered it as a teenager and rarely missed a word of dialogue again -- except when the caption's out of sync or they clearly used the wrong word.

Found the trailer to "Lost River" and put it on repeat for a while. The mystical marketing powers of the trailer made me go look for the full movie and rent it. I've now watched it three times. I like it. Wish it had a caption due to the classic sound effects vs dialogue volume difference in every practically movie I rent online. Reminds me why I love watching movies broadcast on TV. Or is it the built-in speakers on my TV and built-in dynamic compression...

Sometimes I get paranoid and think I see something in the corner of my eye like a big fat insect about to pounce on me. Most of the time, it's a false alarm. Every once in a while, it's an actual spider or centipede running across the wall. A few days ago, it happened for real: big spider on my desk, right in front of my keyboard so just a foot away from me. Who's crazy now?

Woke up to a burning sensation on my ankle. Wasn't drinking, didn't recall hitting it on anything, so why was it on fire? Closer look and there was a small, round, red dot at the center of the pain. Thanks, whatever bit me in the middle of the night...

My TV watching schedule just cleared right up. Went to check the renewals and cancellations list and found three shows I've been watching for years cancelled.


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