Monday, May 08, 2017

Dear Diary #36: Negotiations, Live TV, Dental Floss

Dear Diary,

Walking through a mall when I saw a child freak out that the HMV store was gone. When I walked by the store moments later and looked in, "Holy eff, it's been cleaned out!"

Someone was trying to negotiate a price down and cited a price from Amazon. It was like he or she thought I was incapable of looking that price up and know they were lying...

Cheaped out and decided that I had to get the really cheap package of dental floss because I was too happy with my regular go-to brand. Told myself I shouldn't mess with success to try to save a few dollars twice a year. Biggest concern was that this other brand would be too thick and difficult to fit between my teeth without taking forever or using too much force. Well, the cheap package does exactly that and my gums feel violated and I'm leaning towards chucking over a hundred meters of unused floss into the garbage. There goes those few dollars I was trying to save...

Brushing up on my programming ability by reading an intro to Python book. Where were you when I was in high school and college? Maybe I've gotten better at reading this stuff, but this book seems much easier to follow with better explanations.

Tried to fast-forward live TV. That is all.


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