Sunday, April 09, 2017

Dear Diary #35: Shoe Laces, Salt in Coffee, April Finales

Dear Diary,

TV show got preempted so the DVR only recorded the first half. Went to DVR it on a time-shifted channel and I didn't have access to it. The other channel showed it earlier so the time-shift was already too late there. Sigh, had to wait for it to show up on-demand.

Twas reading what seemed like a very typical and predictable story about a relationship. Story took a huge left-turn from the end of one paragraph to the first few words of the next. My jaw didn't drop, I had to take a walk around the room with the way it turned.

Noticed that when it comes to writing Irish names, I have to say them out loud, pronouncing each and every vowel and consonant -- even though I know the proper pronunciation. And I still manage to spell them wrong most of the time.

Got shoes with black and white, kind of "flashy" laces and thought they looked good. They also came with all-black laces and I thought they were completely unnecessary. Fast forward to one week later and I'm changing to the all-black laces.

I taste salt in my coffee. Don't really mind it, just don't understand why.

What an unexpectedly eventful Friday: season finales for two shows I thought had a good month left before finishing the year off.


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