Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dear Diary #34: I hate new shoes, the 2010s, DST

Dear Diary,

Bought my first pair of shoes from a brand I had never heard of. And I did it online. They fit. Not only fit, they actually fit quite well, looked good, and because I was not in the middle of a store, I could actually try it out slowly. That was a huge relief because I was dreading having to tape the box back up and print up a return label if I hated them. I also bought them 1.5 sizes bigger than what I thought was my size since I was in my late-teens. Never have shoes fit my feet so well, by which I mean I always thought my toes were supposed to be right up at the front of the shoe with little free space. That explains a lot of things... Now to actually wear the new shoes for a while and make sure they don't fall apart so I can trash the box.

Watched a movie from 2010-ish on the TV. People still appeared to be using dumb-phones or things that didn't look like iPhones and they were talking about Blackberries. And I saw CRT television sets. Then I remembered what's happened since first seeing it... Wow, a lot has changed since.

Cable television guide schedule said something was ending at 3:00 am but the program was clearly ending at 2:00 am. Couldn't believe that the schedule got it wrong... Then the clock jumped an hour forward thanks to Daylight Savings Time.

I just had to use the single-blade razor on the back of my Gillette with my non-dominant hand on the side of my head with my eyes closed... Ow. And that's a lot of blood. Second time in a week I've cut myself shaving. It had been well over a year without blood.

Tried out my new shoes. I hate new shoes. Walked a couple kilometers in them and everything hurt. They kind of fit fine but things are rubbing against my toes and chins. I hate new shoes.


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  1. Run them over with the car a few times !!!