Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dear Diary #33: Red Carpets, Mice, Footwear

Dear Diary,

Movie I watched on TV was uncensored with full foul language but a scene with explicit language got cut. I get the feeling this part was cut for time rather than to protect the ears considering that the whole movie ended right at the half-hour mark.

First time DVR'ing the Oscar's Red Carpet on another channel while watching the coverage on the one channel I usually watch it on. Not exactly the most important television program ever made, but I can't help but love it.

The majority of time I spend on a computer, I'm probably using my mouse and clicking things. A lot of typing is done with the mouse-hand as well. Pretty boring stuff, you're unlikely to see me even moving my hand or fingers with the sensitivity jacked up. TV and movies would be a lot more boring if they stopped mashing a bunch of keys to get things done on a computer.

Finally caved and bought a cheap pair of boots to replace my 5+ year old hiking shoes that have completely worn through the sole already. Wear hasn't completely gone through to the foot yet but it's gone into a different colored material than the rubber on the bottom. This actually isn't the first replacement, I got another pair a few years back but I realized they looked terrible with jeans and weren't comfortable.

People I know... They don't turn on the light for the stairwell to save money. Instead, they risk tripping and falling down a flight of stairs to save a few cents a month. Because falling and dying is apparently free compared to turning on a 5 watt bulb that costs maybe $10 or less to run 24/7/365 but is never run that long.


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