Saturday, February 04, 2017

Dear Diary #32: Smoke Alarms, Stiff Toothbrush

Dear Diary,

Got me an extra smoke alarm to stick near the bed just in case. Months later, it's still sitting in another room because I'm having trouble dealing with the idea that it may go off, rightly or wrongly, so close to me. Effectively, this means that I value the calm and silence more than potentially dying in my sleep.

Had a book on me while going into a bookstore that also sold that book. Then found some loose magnetic strips in the store. I was crossing my fingers that none of them stuck to my shoes because that would have been quite some explaining I would have had to do.

That feeling when I realized that I spent about 11 years of my life in a line of work that I got out of -- actual time at work plus the time spent in school to be able to get that work. Then dividing that number by my age and realizing what a significant portion of my life that was.

Changed my toothbrush after dropping the old one on the floor and not being in the mood to wash it thoroughly. New one has really stiff bristles. They usually soften after a couple uses. Hope it does that this time around.

I finally realized the significance of the name "Cassandra" in the Twelve Monkeys TV series.


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