Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dear Diary #27: Microwave Popcorn, Index Fingers, Chargers

Dear Diary,

Hit my own head slapping a fruit fly away. Yes, I was under the influence.

Thank you, ad video that played at full volume despite the fact that I muted you before you started playing. No, I do not value my hearing.

Apple had their own "regular" AA-ish cell battery charger? New to me. And it looks like I was too late because the Wikipedia article for it said it was discontinued in early 2016.

Destroying my index finger one click at a time and thousands of clicks per hour, especially when I'm editing videos one frame at a time.

I'm avoiding getting a microwave popcorn popper so I don't have to look at the amount of butter I would have to dump into a bowl to get that buttery taste -- the ones that are prebagged make me feel less guilty?


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