Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dear Diary #26: Robertson Screws, My Name, Gift Cards

Dear Diary.

Used the Robertson screw bits on my screwdriver for the first time ever. And I also found out that my Ikea toolbox came with hex bits -- I always thought they were Robertsons.

Appalled by the mess of cables behind my monitor. It's almost as if I should have routed them under the table where a basket has been installed for specifically that...

Got a new resident spider. Didn't notice it camping by my feet for the past day or more. Can't wait for the mess of webs to start showing up everywhere.

Googled my name because I wanted to feel bad and found over two dozen entries... And they all appear to be more successful than me, but more importantly, how is my name so common.

Bad Craigslisting experiences. Can't wait to be rid of my excess stuff and be "free."


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