Monday, August 29, 2016

Dear Diary #23: Shipping, Puisque, Mics

Dear Diary,

Bought a bunch of stuff that ships from the U.S. of A. Things are taking forever to arrive.

Bought a microphone stand. Found out I may not really need it and may even prefer not having one considering I paid extra to get a mic that isn't as sensitive to every small noise or vibration. Good thing I got the base model stand?

Keep forgetting the meaning of the word "puisque," keep looking it up, keep forgetting it again. Same with "d'ailleur."

A bank machine I used didn't check my PIN until I got into the menu, making me think the PIN checked out. Five minutes later, I got locked out. Woops.

Trying to buy things and I keep seeing reviews about people receiving potential counterfeit items. I hate being so cynical but looks like I can't turn away.


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