Friday, July 01, 2016

Dear Diary #18: Nightstands, Milk, Climatic and Climactic

Dear Diary,

Needed a stopwatch for cooking and looked into getting an actual battery powered watch. Also looked at computer apps. Then I googled it and got a browser based version. What the...

I may have been using the word "climactic" wrong for years by using the word "climatic" instead. Woops.

Went to bake some cornbread. Oh right, we're out of milk, better go out and get some. Oh right, it's a holiday and everything's closed. Finish mixing the dry ingredients and dump it in the fridge...

Craigslisted a nightstand a few months ago because there was no room for it. Cleared out some space, just ordered the exact same nightstand. Feeling good about myself.


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