Saturday, June 04, 2016

Music Listening Habits: Same Five Songs on Repeat?

About 10 gigabytes of files, dozens of albums, and hundreds of songs. That is the size of my music collection. Windows Media Player, my main music player, doesn't seem to keep track of the number of times individual songs have been played. The iTunes software that I use sometimes, however, does. And unless I'm remembering wrong, I got a glimpse of the play-statistics on my iPod Shuffle a while back when I connected it to iTunes. It showed some fairly disturbing details: a few giant numbers surrounded by smaller ones.
Listening habits and how to annoy my neighbors...

I like the song
My music listening habits can be described as "addictive." If I find something I like, the song is played on repeat for months at a time, maybe even a year. This can mean dozens of plays a day every single day for months. Then when I pick up something new, the old song gets played on repeat a bit less on a daily basis.

People have noticed.

One song was played on my work computer using the terrible internal speaker at what I thought was a quiet volume for months. No one complained, but someone did tell me that he noticed -- he confused a question I had about a noise coming from the outside with the music I was playing. That made me switch over to earphones at work.

At home, it's still loud speakers all day and night. I don't blast it very loudly. However, it is definitely audible from longer distances if you pay attention.

Part of me thinks that I have a problem. On the other hand, no one gets hurt, I think? Not my ears, at least, since volumes are usually fairly low -- I have an SPL meter. Carry on then?

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