Thursday, June 09, 2016

Dear Diary #15: Cable box and TV woes, Words I never use, Coffee

Dear Diary,

Feeling actual grief for days because a TV character died... That is a definite first-world problem there.

Listening to stuff in another language I have some faculty with but mostly suck at. Confused as to why I understand so many words I never use in conversation myself.

I'm beginning to think that prepackaged macaroni and cheese, or instant coffee doesn't agree with me. Don't ask why I think that...

Detoured through downtown during rush hour. Thank you to the two people who decided to stop abruptly on the edge of a busy crosswalk to hug it out so that I couldn't get by with the light about to turn red.

Found out that I can now reboot my cable box from the menu instead of using the "secret" button combination on the box itself -- found out after using the button combination.


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