Thursday, June 02, 2016

Dear Diary #14: Centipedes, Videos, Shipping

Dear Diary,

There be a giant house centipede crawling in my direction across the wall. It started on a far wall, why you have to be coming my way with your 100 creepy legs.

Went looking for videos on YouTube, bunch of 2009 and earlier videos popped up... Average cameras really weren't that great in 2009. Square-ish box, low resolution, poor sound? Now everyone has HD and widescreen and occasionally reasonable sound. How the times have changed. Then the vertical cell phone videos showed up...

Never buying any batteries other than Eneloops again. Bought something similar but different and it was a pain.

Having to wait longer (i.e. the clearly specified period) for my free shipping order to arrive is a pain.


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