Monday, May 02, 2016

Dear Diary #12: Razor blades, Car Alarms, Bad Food

Dear Diary,

Found out that it takes a lot longer than I thought for food to pass through the body.

Picked up a Gillette Fusion razor blade. Knew the cartridges were more expensive than my current Mach3 blades but double-checked the prices: they're like 50% more than the Mach3 ones. What have I done...

Meanwhile, I just swapped my Mach3 cartridge out after 3.5 months of use, twice or thrice a week.

Neighbor parked a massive SUV into a space too small in his driveway and now I get to listen to the car alarm going off every 30 seconds.

Restaurant I get takeout from every so often got shut down by the health inspector... Something something rodent infestation.

Ate couple year old butter. I knew but I didn't want to know? It tasted awful and my body told me so afterward...


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