Saturday, December 12, 2015

Review: IKEA RAST Nightstand

I think the RAST, or some version of it, has been around for a very long time. Maybe at least a decade? I would know because one of the first items I bought from Ikea as a kid was a RAST-like nightstand. That table is actually still around somewhere. And that was probably two decades ago.
Ikea RAST Nightstand Package
x1 - Ikea RAST Nightstand, pine:  US$ 14.99 (CA$ 19.99)

Ikea RAST Nightstand versus KULLEN Chest
In 33 seconds: Ikea RAST Nightstand Assembled
Ikea RAST Nightstand Overview

Four pieces of wood and 12 screws with an Allen key provided? I didn't even need to open my toolbox for a screwdriver. The RAST nightstand was fairly easy to put together for me. Getting the first screws in and lining the sides with the shelves up were the biggest challenges. That and having to stop every so often to pick up my camera.

The surprising thing was that the RAST came packaged in clear plastic wrap instead of cardboard. This detail didn't make much of a difference though. I bought the item online and had it delivered, but it seemed small and light enough to be carried home on public transit.
Ikea RAST Nightstand being assembled
Being a relatively short and light item, I didn't notice any issues with it. The lack of slim sticks for legs probably helped.

Expandability / Customizability
Looks good with other solid wood items?

How was it?
I bought the RAST nightstand to be used as a printer stand. The product dimensions for both items appeared to be compatible and I just wanted a small shelf to put the printer on. At CA$ 20, this was a pretty quick and easy option. I also didn't want to spend much time dealing with it, so the ease of assembly for me was another perk.

As a more general piece of furniture, the RAST seemed to be on the smaller side. It worked well as a child's nightstand. I don't think it would work as well for an adult for much more than a place to put a few small items. The solid, untreated wood was very attractive. It felt well finished without any big splinters or rough patches that I could tell.

Simple, cheap, did its job and didn't require much time to put together. I had no regrets buying the RAST nightstand... Again.

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