Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Dear Diary #7: Head Shaving, Nails, Solo Cups

Dear Diary,

Shaved my head, it went from completely smooth with the grain to stubble, sandpaper in 12 hours.

Had to wear a dust mask again. There's always a weird after-smell that lingers for days after I take it off.

Shaved my nail while shaving the back of my head. No ouch but very weird sensation and screwed up my nail.

Those red plastic beverage cups on American TV all the time apparently have a name: Solo cups.

Slowly learning Spanish... So, it looks like the letter J and some letter Gs sound like Hs, but the letter H sounds like nothing. And the squiggly line above an N (ñ) sounds like an N followed by YO. Very interesting, I love it.


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