Friday, August 14, 2015

Dear Diary #6: Coax, Flies, Dental Cleanings

Dear Diary,

Saw a house fly land on the inside of a toilet and take off to land on something cleaner. *Shudders*

Found out I had a spare coax cable coupler a week after I bought and installed a new one.

I forgot how to use my phone when in a rush today -- I've had the exact same phone for 5 years straight. How is the battery still holding a charge?

I confused the Lexus symbol with a Subaru symbol when looking at it at an angle. Awkwardness ensued.

Went to scratch my nose, turned out the itch was a fruit fly that ended up all over my finger.

Discovered dental cleanings on YouTube. Sick sick stuff. Why can't I look away.

Got rid of my office chair's arm rests... Have never sat straighter. No more leaning all to one side supported only by the armrests.


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