Sunday, August 09, 2015

Dear Diary #5: Couplers, Self-Checkout, Grab & Go

Dear Diary,

Didn't know how to use the self-checkout terminal despite having used the same type of terminal at the same store without issue over 20 times in the past. The attendant ended up doing it all for me.

There was a dead fruit fly on my desk for days. I was going to clean it up at some point. Now it's gone and I am freaked out because no one cleaned it up. Something probably came along and ate it?

Did tons of research to try to find a saucepan that did NOT have interior volume markings. Ended up buying a saucepan, unknowingly, WITH interior volume markings. A 2 L version from the same company that looked identical didn't have them at another store, the 3 L version I got did. Whaaaaaat. Sucking it up and just keeping it since 90% of the ones I can find seem to have them.

First time using a Wal-Mart Grab & Go pick-up locker. Very very impressed. Just walked up to it, put in my PIN, and had the locker pop open -- it even showed me where the locker was on the screen. It was nice that it came in a box so I didn't look like I was boosting something from Wal-Mart, but that box was a pain to walk home.

I hate installing coax cable f-type couplers. They seem so much harder to lock cables onto compared to the ends of splitters and devices.


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