Friday, July 24, 2015

Infrared: More Ice Cubes

A Bowl of Ice Cubes
Playing with Ice Cubes at Room Temperature
Ice cubes fresh from the freezer, rolling around in a container being handled lightly by hands. They were starting to melt by the time things were being filmed. The coldest things that had previously been taped were probably a piece of meat thawing in the background and the inside of a freezer. I decided that there were enough videos and photos showing hot items, time to really focus on the cold things on the other end. Ice was the easiest and cleanest thing that I could think of.
Playing with Ice
Not being a regular user of ice, the freezer didn't have much space to lay down an open-top ice cube tray, so this was a bit of a special arrangement. A flat space had to be cleared out first. Again, not a big user of ice, so the cubes were not of the highest quality. Your typical, air filled, not completely transparent ice and not of a really big size. Might have to try to redo these in the future if I pick up one of those ice sphere things.
Ice Cubes into Room Temperature Water
Ice Cubes In Room Temperature Water
Water at room temperature in a bowl with ice cubes dropped into it. Ice is moved around a bit in the water. It was winter with the room heated to around 20 C, and the ice was taken out of the freezer for a while, so it was starting to melt a bit. Pretty boring, low quality ice made using tap water and a plastic ice tray with an open top. Looked like the ice was starting to melt the moment it was dropped in, but it wasn't too obvious because of the relatively small temperature differential. There are some interesting patterns to see in the water.

This batch of ice was the same as the one used for the other ice cube videos. Not a regular ice user, so this was a specially made batch, and the space in the freezer was needed for other things. I almost decided to get a new ice maker form that would make spherical balls of ice. Then I remembered how little use I would have for it and decided to use whatever we had on hand.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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