Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Infrared: Mixing of Water, Hot and Cold

A little hot water into cold water
Mixing Hot and Cold Water
This is simply the mixing of hot and cold water together. Specifically, it starts with a little hot water into cold water, then a lot of hot water into warm-ish water, and finally, a lot of cold water into warm-ish water.

Hot Water Dripped into Cold Water
Bowl of Hot Water Poured into Cold
Cold Water Poured into Warm Water
A lot of hot water into warm-ish water
If it's not apparent, the same plate full of water was used. It started with the spoon and then moved to a bowl. This was all done with clear water from either the faucet or from a kettle. In visible light or with the naked eye, everything appeared clear. Was thinking of using a larger container, but couldn't find one quickly enough.
Cold Water into Warm Water
As you can see in the photos and the videos, pouring of the water at different temperatures caused the camera to pick up some disturbances. Whatever the camera picked up, the patterns were very interesting and, dare I say, pretty to look at. Cold water into hot water didn't turn out as well, probably due to the smaller variation in temperature. Water out of the kettle was probably above 60 C while the cold water out of the tap was probably under 25 C. How much the hot water cooled after it came out of the kettle but before it got poured was up in the air because a measurement wasn't taken.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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