Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dear Diary #3: Spiders, Dishes, Spiders

Dear Diary,

There's a spider in the corner of the ceiling above where I'm sitting. It's probably been there for days because that corner looked dustier than usual for a few days and went back to normal afterwards. I didn't see it move until now. Freaked out. Hope it was just the one and not a giant birth pod thing.

Only recently realized, after years of watching Person of Interest, that the lead character was in Passion of the Christ -- never watched it, but I knew it was a "big" movie when it came out.

That spider is still around and it keeps crawling up and down the wall. Freaking me out.

Looks like my laptop battery doesn't like being left in "storage" for two months at a time.

Almost broke a dish -- it hit the floor but didn't shatter 00 because the dish drainer has a giant gap on its side... Why was that put there and why haven't I done something about it yet.


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