Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pocky Biscuit Sticks Strawberry Review

Haven't had these in a long time because they aren't as easy to find compared to Skittles -- only sure place I ever found them was Chinatown as a kid. Think it may have been years since I had any. Scary.
Pocky Strawberry
On the box, they were labeled as "biscuit sticks" and "strawberry cream coated." My own description would be breadsticks with a relatively soft pink candy coating attached to most of their length. In this case, the coating was a pink, strawberry flavor. There was a chocolate variety at the store too. The filling was the breadstick. I don't think anything else was inside. It came in a foil-like bag that sat inside a cardboard box. The box noted a weight of 33g and I counted 18 sticks inside. None of them were broken.
Inside the Cardboard Box

It was a two step process to get to the goods, so that counts. I opened the cardboard box and then opened the wrapper! Ya, no, not really.
Inside the Plastic Wrapper
Taste & Verdict
They were just as I remembered them. None of the sticks were broken in my package and the coatings on all the sticks appeared to be pretty uniform. I thought the bread sticks were very crispy and they did not seem stale -- didn't bother to look for an expiry date and assumed it was okay. The sticks seemed to have a hint of saltiness to them, but they tasted mostly neutral in that the flavor wasn't strong enough to interfere with the taste of the pink coating.
Close-up of Strawberry Pocky
This coating came off as sweet with a hint of strawberry flavoring to it. It wasn't a very thick layer at maybe a millimeter or two thick above the biscuit stick -- very rough guestimate, no ruler was used. Most of the sticks were eaten by just biting into the biscuit sticks with coating fully intact and chewing. This meant that the sticks and coating were mixed upon chewing. It kind of tasted like I was eating wafer crackers with cream fillings. The two components complimented one another very well in my view. Way back when, I used to use my teeth to scrape off the coating to eat separately while leaving the biscuit alone until the end. This wasn't that hard to do because the coating was pretty soft and the bread stick was hard enough to not break easily.

I paid around CAD$ 1.25 for this box of about 18 sticks. This package was great and I wouldn't mind having a perpetual supply available if they were easier to find at local stores.

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