Friday, February 13, 2015

Musings... New Glasses, Annoying, Again

The paint on my roughly one year old glasses started peeling at the temples, so I decided to swap to the other pair I bought a year ago in preparation for this issue. This new pair of glasses was adjusted, so I thought, and worn for a few hours before being shelved.

Right when I changed into them recently, my eyes were feeling a bit weird despite the prescription being the exact same. It was expected since I had worn glasses for over a decade by this point. Only about a day was required before I forgot I even had new glasses. However, this turned out to be a distraction from the other issue: my new glasses were sliding down my nose more than I liked. For the first week, I just let it go because I hate adjusting my own glasses. It just kept eating away at me for over a week until I gave in and messed with the nose pieces.

Ugh... The adjustments didn't take long -- I've had lots of practice -- but since I already moved the nose pieces around, I started asking myself if it could be better. Then I checked to see if I kept everything in line and symmetrical, and I asked myself again if I could do better. At some point, I just gave up and let it go.

This led me to start shopping for a new set of glasses though. Next one will definitely be black plastic with no paint to strip away and no nose-pads to adjust. On the other hand, a few pairs of glasses ago, I had plastic frames and they kept sliding down my nose. It got so annoying that I decided to try to "adjust" the frame and ended up cracking the thing in half, right at the bridge. That turned into a $400 problem when I had a very low income and didn't know about cheaper options for purchasing glasses. Woops.

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