Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Smarties Candy Review

Going back to the classics because that's the way it is.
Box of Smarties
A box of Smarties. These were purchased in a package of four. The size of the boxes appeared to be the "standard" size that I had seen in stores at the checkout. Inside the cardboard boxes were round, multi-colored candies (e.g. yellow, pink, green). These candies had a colored, coated hard shell that was pretty thin. Inside the shells were brown chocolate.

I've seen them crushed and placed at the ice cream table at buffets. That's not what I did.

Bowl of Smarties and other stuff

Taste and Verdict
Smarties have always been my favorite choice in pre-packaged, commercially available candy. Even when I was penniless and in high school, I would use my limited funds to get a pack of Smarties out of the vending machine -- that thing was useless and always got stuck.

How was this particular pack of Smarties? It tasted like the rest of the Smarties I had in the past. I put them in my mouth, let the shell dissolve a bit and soften, and then bit down to get into the chocolate. Well, that happened when I could resist just biting down and going straight for the chocolate.

Close-up of Smarties

The shell was sweet and tasted mostly of sugar to me. From what I could tell, all colors tasted the same. Water or saliva would cause the color to come off the shell fairly easily. If I let them sit in my mouth long enough, the color would fade and reveal a white shell, which would soften and disintegrate with time. I think most of the shell's flavoring was in the color because by the time the shell turned white, I couldn't really taste anything.

Inside a Smarties

At the center was the chocolate. It was brown and looked like regular chocolate (i.e. not dark chocolate or white chocolate). The taste was similar to regular chocolate as well. I didn't find it to be overly sweet or bland. My thinking was that the chocolate was flavored with the sweet shell in mind. When eating the candy as a single unit immediately (i.e. no sitting in my mouth), the taste of both the shell and chocolate complemented each other well. Both items sat on their own pretty well too when I ate them "separately."

Would I buy these again? Absolutely. The pack I reviewed was similar to the ones I had in the past from what I could remember. Not expecting it to change.

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