Sunday, January 04, 2015

Ikea ORDNING Kitchen Utensil Rack Review

The kitchen utensil rack we were using kept tipping over or letting utensils slide out through the side and bottom openings. What can I say, it was time for a new one that had a closed body.

A metal cylinder with perforations throughout its body and an open top. The perforations on this one were circular. According to the website, stainless steel was the material used.

Ikea ORDNING Kitchen Utensil Rack
IKEA ORDNING Kitchen Utensil Rack Review:  CAD$ 6.99 (US$ 5.99)

Overview of ORDNING Kitchen Utensil Rack

I just took the sticker off the bottom, then washed it with soap and water. It was dried with a bit of paper towel so I wouldn't have to wait. While washing, I noticed that the interior had a rougher surface than the exterior.

The container looked slender, but it didn't tip over with the selection of kitchen utensils that I put in. Giving them a slight nudge didn't make it tip either. Not sure how it would behave with fewer utensils or more top-heavy ones.

Ikea ORDNING Kitchen Utensil Rack - Underside

Expandability / Customizability
It matched the smaller ORDNING flatware caddy, which I already had. Guess I could buy more?

Everyday Use
After washing, drying, and putting the utensils in, it was placed in a corner behind a dish rack. The ORDNING did its duty and held the kitchen utensils... Not the most exciting item.

Ikea ORDNING loaded with utensils

However, the fact that it was stainless steel and didn't feel flimsy made me more comfortable about it being able to do its job over the longer term. I also liked the holes throughout the body to give let air in or out. They weren't big enough that utensils fell through the sides like the old one. However, a smaller ORDNING was used in the bathroom to hold a few toothbrushes. At least two toothbrushes in it developed black stains (I have an idea what it was) on their bottoms after a couple months. To be fair, though, these toothbrushes had rubber on their bodies and were in a more humid environment -- the stains only seemed stuck on the rubber.

A fairly attractive stainless steel rack that competently held onto the kitchen utensils used in my kitchen. Not bad. It was much better than the open body, wire-frame one we previously had. The price was attractive too.

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