Thursday, December 18, 2014

Stouffer's Turkey and Stuffing Review

Frozen food, but not of the Hungry-Man or blue box variety. I've had plenty of experience with this meal and others from the brand.
Stouffer's Turkey & Stuffing Package
Overview/ Contents
Inside the orange box was a plastic tray covered in plastic wrap. The tray was divided into two compartments: one for the main dish and the other with the side. In this case, the turkey and stuffing with gravy was on one side and the mashed potatoes with spices was on the other. I hadn't had any frozen meals by Stouffer's in a while, but this setup was similar to what I had bought in the past.
Stouffer's Turkey & Stuffing Inside the Box

I don't like to cook frozen food in the supplied plastic tray. Instead, I pull the frozen blocks of food out of the tray, put them on plates, and cook them in the microwave. Nothing changed this time around. This took one plate as you can see in the picture below. The frozen blocks of food were tossed in side by side.
Nutritional Content
Didn't bother looking at it. I really don't buy these for their nutrition.
Close-up of the turkey, stuffing, and potatoes.
Taste & Verdict
One major note, those two balls of meat on the right side of the photos did not come with the package. Those were another part of my meal and I didn't mind putting them in the same plate.

Moving back to the Stouffer's item, I very much enjoyed the taste of the potatoes and stuffing without any additional spices or salt added. A bit more gravy would have been nice, but it was more than enough to drench the meat and bread, I think. The result was one soggy, yet delicious, mess. This meal may have been overcooked slightly because the gravy started to congeal and thicken, some of it even dried into a crust on the plate -- my fault.

The taste of the gravy was salty, not overly so, with a hint of sweetness. I found the turkey to be very soft and moist, probably thanks to the bath of gravy. On the mashed potatoes side, it was not like the Hungry-Man potatoes that I was used to. It was definitely more spicy. Not sure what the orange spice on the top was, but that was probably the reason for the change in taste. Regardless, the potatoes stood well on their own or mixed in with the excess gravy. The bread stuffing was very soft with a good, slightly crunchy texture.

De-freaking-licious. Unfortunately, due to the size of the meal, it wasn't a lot of food for an adult male. I would definitely buy it again though.

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