Thursday, October 02, 2014

Smaller Ikea LEDARE 1000 lumen light bulb

Remember that really big 1000 lumen LEDARE bulb?

Well, that one is still around. But there's something smaller now.
An Ikea LEDARE bulb
Ikea LEDARE LED bulb E26: 1000 lumens: US$ ??? (CAD$ 11.99)
I noticed this new bulb on the website yesterday. It did not come up when I looked for it on the United States website though. Chances are that it will be available eventually on both sides of the border.

Regardless, the big difference appeared to be that the new 1000 lumen bulb used only 13.0 W, as opposed to 20.0 W, according to the product pages. That is about a 50% difference when using the more power efficient bulb as a base point. I didn't see a diameter specified for this newer bulb, but it was significantly smaller by comparing the widest parts to the sockets (they should be the same, both being E26) using product photos.

There was also a difference in price with the larger bulb listed at CAD$ 13.99 and the smaller one at CAD$ 11.99 on the website -- a difference of CAD$ 2. In terms of the amount of material used in each bulb, that makes sense. The new smaller bulb was also listed as having a color temperature of 2700k.
A Philips LED Bulb

Comparable Products
If you're wondering, here are two similar bulbs from Philips:

Philips 432161 15-Watt Ambient LED Household A21 Light Bulb
Philips 433227 10.5-watt A19 LED Light Bulb

The 15 W bulb was listed on the page as having a 1180 lumen rating, and the 10.5 W had an 800 lumen rating. That puts the Ikea LEDARE almost right in the middle at 13 W and 1000 lumens.

If you want to play with some numbers, 1000 lumens at 13 W is 76.92 lumens/W. For 1180 lumens at 15 W, that's 78.67 lumens/watt; 800 lumens at 10.5 W is 76.19 lumens/W. The older 1000 lumen LEDARE was rated at 20 W or 50 lumens/W.

Older Ikea LEDARE bulbs that I bought over a year ago did not perform as efficiently. Assuming the technical specs were accurate, my 400 lumen bulb used 8.5 W (47.06 lumen/W), my 200 lumen bulb used 4.5 W (44.44 lumen/W), and finally, my 600 lumen used 10 W (60 lumen/W). And if you're really curious, the photo of the Philips bulb above shows it's 800 lumens at 12.5 W or 64 lumens/watt.

This makes the newest 1000 lumen, 13.0W LEDARE competitive with offerings from Philips.

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