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Ikea DRAMSELVA Shower Curtain Review

Let's just say that our vinyl shower curtain ran its course. I really appreciated the fact that the old vinyl curtain was transparent so that I didn't have to shower in darkness, but the thing was torn in more than a few places. What I didn't appreciate was the smell that usually accompanied a new one. Regardless, it was decided that the replacement would be anything but vinyl. Polyester was found to be an acceptable alternative and Ikea had more than a few options for fairly cheap. When we finally picked the DRAMSELVA up, we continued to use the vinyl one for a few more months.
Ikea DRAMSELVA Shower Curtain
DRAMSELVA Shower Curtain: CAD$ ~15.00? (May have been discontinued)


Like I said, this DRAMSELVA got thrown into storage for a while before being actually hung. It may have been as long as a year because I couldn't find it and bought a different one from Amazon. That one got used for a while then rotated out with the DRAMSELVA -- it turned up.

Ikea DRAMSELVA Close-up of Material

I don't recall any issues with assembly or unpacking. We used the existing plastic rings to hang this curtain. The "button flaps" were looped through the hooks and that was that. However, I do seem to recall a slight odor, which is typical for new textile items in my experience. It was nowhere near as strong as the one that came with the old vinyl curtain though.

Didn't have any issues with the curtain falling off or tearing during regular use. Think we used it for a couple months continuously without issue at the time of writing.

Expandability / Customizability
I couldn't find the DRAMSELVA on the Canada or United States websites when I wrote this. Bought it in 2012 or 2013, probably discontinued. There were more than a few alternative 100% polyester shower curtains available though.

Ikea DRAMSELVA "Button-flaps"

Everyday Use
No mysterious puddles were noted to have appeared outside the tub while using it. It kept the majority of water inside the shower during regular use, even when the nozzle was sprayed directly at the curtain. I think I remember seeing some mist making it through the curtain, but I didn't often point the shower head directly at it from a few inches away -- initial testing. The product features for a few other polyester shower curtains I checked on the Canada website at the time of writing noted that a "water-repellent coating" was used. The DRAMSELVA may have used one as well. I would love to know how a bare untreated polyester curtain would perform.

Some minor yellowing was noted over a few months of use in the corners. Nothing major, but noticeable in the right light. It was on the side that the curtain was usually drawn to. Possible issue with drying and ventilation? We hadn't put it in the washer yet. The care instructions for a few other 100% polyester curtains I checked on the Canada website at writing time suggested that they were washable.

We got a DRAMSELVA with a black pattern on a white background, and it blocked quite a bit of light. Not total darkness, but going from a clear vinyl curtain to a mostly opaque (a little translucent) curtain was definitely noticeable. I got used to it after a while though.

Not having to deal with vinyl anymore was great. I did miss the light transmission of a clear vinyl curtain though. It was nice to know that it should have been machine washable. Good price at under CAD$ 20.

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