Monday, July 21, 2014

Musings... Thinking Too Hard About Food

Lunch came in a paper tray. An entire pound of it.

I just had Chicken Kiev for lunch with vegetables and grilled potatoes. The potatoes were burnt black with skins still attached, the vegetables were your typical steamed filler, and the chicken was golden brown with a pool of butter in the center. Absolutely delicious.

The problem is that when I start thinking, at all, my mind wanders towards the potatoes. Those scrumptious potatoes were charred and the skins were still attached. Having looked it up before, I seem to recall potato skins being coated with pesticides even after washing, and the char is carcinogenic. Moving on the the chicken itself, the ounce of butter that streamed out of the centers will probably find their way to my arteries.

What's my point? I sometimes hate thinking...

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