Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Human Hands in Infrared

Human Hand in Summer
Human Hand and Fingers
It's summer and fingers aren't freezing cold anymore -- seriously, go see the other videos shot during the winter where those fingers are frozen. Surprised I didn't get frostbite then. I'm thinking positive now: what a great time to get a good infrared shot of some hands. There are actually two videos linked to from here. They are essentially the same thing except they're in different color palettes. The link to the other one can be found below near the bottom of this piece.

Color range is moved up and down to show different details and just to make things more interesting. One can only move one's fingers so many times for entertainment purposes? There's obviously an optimal range that shows the largest amount of detail. Others just wash out the image or things merge together and there isn't much to see. I think these came out pretty good, especially the black and white color palette.

Grey Color Palette Version

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

Body Heat and an Infrared Camera
Boiling Water on the Stove
Cooking Scrambled Eggs
Cooking with a Microwave Oven
Vacuuming a Carpet

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