Thursday, June 12, 2014

Infrared: Kettles, Hot Water, and Sunlight

Took some photos over the past while and never bothered to copy them over from the camera until now. These are pretty random shots that I didn't think were worth plugging in the laptop to record a video with. They look pretty good though.
Kettle on a Stove and Hot Burner

Hot Water
The first batch is hot water related. Photos of a kettle that was recently used to boil water and cup of tea with a teabag floating in it. Water has been the most interesting thing to shoot in infrared because it shows up in the most interesting ways. That and it's the easiest thing to find around the house that is hotter than room temperature, aside from people.
Kettle on a Stove

Cup of Tea with Teabag Floating
The thing that I haven't bothered with much has been sunlight or visible light in general. That's not a good thing because sunlight shows up very nicely and creates some interesting patterns. One's a shot of a chair beside a window with a pair of headphones on the seat. Another is an adjacent sofa. I think this was mid-afternoon sun.
Sunlight Hitting a Chair

Sunlight Hitting a Sofa
Reminder: Accuracy not guaranteed.

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