Monday, May 19, 2014

Ikea Finds: Things Found Abroad. Liquor?

Someone had too much time and browsed through some of Ikea's international (i.e. non-American or Canadian) sites. I can speak some French, know a tiny bit of Spanish, and one or two sites had an English option. This means that I went through parts of the United Kingdom, Spain, France, United Arab Emirates, Japan, and China websites. It didn't go too well, but when all else fails, just click on things?
Shopping Ikea Online
What'd I find?
First, I'm going to remind you that I didn't go through each and every page on each of the sites. The language barrier didn't help either. Therefore, these results are not definitive and just about what I found during this one time visit.

Mostly the same except electronics
The biggest thing that I found was that the majority of the products were similar to what was available in Canada and the United States. Light bulbs were the obvious difference with different sockets being used. I saw a lot of E27 bases on the European sites. It also became apparent that Ikea product photos appeared to strategically omit showing the wall sockets (i.e. the plugs) on electrical items such as lamps and power tools.

Food and Cervezas
Some websites did not appear to list any food items available. I don't know if that meant none were available for sale in stores, it just wasn't shown online, or I just didn't see it (language issue).

What I didn't miss was the availability of these boxes of bottles called "cerveza" on the Spain site. Under the "Bebidas" section, there were items like SNAPS AKVAVIT, SNAPS CITRON & FLADER, OL LJUS LAGER, and OL MORK LAGER -- I'm missing a ton of accents. They were, for example, described as "aguardiente especiado" and "cerveza lager" followed by a percentage. I don't think a translation is necessary, but if you're curious, "aguardiente especiado" was "spiced rum" and "cerveza" was "beer", when looked up on Google.

Price didn't appear outrageous with a two-four of beer going for about 30 Euros (1.25 Euros each) and 500 mL of rum at 9.99 Euros. The alcohol content also didn't appear to skimp with cervezas at "4,7%" and spiced rum at "40%".

I am jealous.

On the furniture front, only one item popped out at me as unique or not available in Canada or the United States -- on the websites at least. It was the ALBERT shelf sized at 63x27x159cm made of solid pine and solid spruce for 13 pounds (all details from website). The item looked like a smaller GORM shelf, which was available for 17 pounds (78x35x174cm version).

Laminated Flooring
I don't know what happened to flooring in Canada lately. It appears to be on the United States website but not the Canadian website. Not sure if it's still available in Canadian stores because I haven't bothered to scour the local stores yet. However, when I checked, only the TUNDRA and SLATTEN models were still available on the United States website.

On some international sites, such as United Kingdom's, there were a larger number of models (e.g. patterns) available. They included GOLV, PRARIE, and additional "patterns" of TUNDRA. Both PRARIE and GOLV were priced higher than TUNDRA per square meter. The more expensive patterns looked great.

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