Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chances are I don't like my job when...

... every time I get a new assignment, I think to myself that I should finally put my money where my mouth is and quit.

... I don't care to meet new people and make anymore work "friends" than I have to.

... I can't get out of bed in the morning and wait until the last second possible.

... weekends are the only things that I look forward to throughout the week.

... finishing assignments as soon as possible is done because I want people to leave me alone.

... I dread sleeping on Sunday because the next 5 days of consciousness will be devoted to work related activities.

... vacation days are not taken because in the back of my mind, I plan on quitting soon and want the compensation in lieu.

... I can't see myself in any of the positions in the career path of someone with my credentials.

... the majority of time spent outside of work is on figuring out a new career path or finding a new job.

... daydreaming usually involves the idea of how awesome it'd be if I won the lottery and could quit the next day.

... the first solution to every single work related obstacle is quitting my job.

... conversation regarding employment is generally avoided with everything but the few friends I know have gotten used to the "great" things I have to say about work.

... the idea of being fired elicits a smile on my face.

... I occasionally daydream about the not so measured positive reaction I'd give when notified of the termination of my employment.

... it doesn't bother me that if I were stuck in the same position for the rest of my working life, I'd be okay with it.

... wearing the same five outfits every week doesn't produce the sensation called "shame" anymore.

... wearing the exact same pair of jeans almost every day also does not result in shame.

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