Saturday, January 04, 2014

Writing with Pencil and a Highlighter

Writing with Pencil and Highlighter
Does writing with pen and pencil show up with an infrared camera?
The answer for pencil is up in the air because I used a 0.5mm mechanical pencil and the camera is a relatively low resolution device. With a highlighter and a Sharpie, the story is very different. Those ones appear to show up in the infrared footage just after writing. How long they last is another issue. Was the ink just wet, or was the ink itself showing up? Didn't bother to check what things looked like a decent amount of time later instead of just a minute.

Regardless, have to try the pencil thing again, but I don't have any fat, old wood pencils laying around. Don't hold your breath. Tightening the temperature range would probably help too. Not to mention, having the camera a lot closer to the paper and having a hard flat surface to write on instead of writing vertically.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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