Sunday, January 12, 2014

Videos: Ikea TERTIAL, Ikea LERSTA, and Sony Walkman

Catch-up time. Here are some videos to complement a few reviews that were written a while back -- some older than others.
Ikea TERTIAL Lamp w/ 400 lm LEDARE Bulb
Review can be found here. A good lamp! I've had two or three now. The video shows the lamp being turned on from rest. It's being used as a backlight to minimize the contrast between the LCD monitor and the background. There are some close-ups of the lamp's body in there too. If you care, the video's a bit of a bonus in that a LEDARE 400 lumen bulb is being used. The bulb has been good to me and in use for hours a day for a month or two shy of a year now. For the first few weeks, I switched between the 400 lumen and 200 lumen bulbs thinking that it didn't matter too much how bright the backlight was -- I was wrong.

Ikea LERSTA Lamp
Ikea LERSTA Lamp w/ LEDARE 200 lm LED Bulb
Review found here. This is my backup or side lamp that's not used too often. The main uses are reading and picking my own hair out of my hand -- I shave my head, it gets really short and sharp at that length. Kind of surprised that 200 lumens is plenty for use as a focused light, desk lamp. Again, bonus if you're wondering what a 200 lumen LEDARE looks like. The bulb is miniscule, which is cute, but the body (i.e. not below the lens) doesn't protrude too far out from the base. Oh ya, I like the lamp. Price was amazing too at under CAD$ 20.
Sony Walkman NWZ-E384
Sony Walkman NWZ-E384 Quick Walkthrough
Review here. Finally, I found a replacement for my iPod Shuffle. I love the Walkman for its battery, ease of loading, separate charger and microphone jacks, size, and sound quality. This is just an overview of the unit's exterior.

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