Monday, December 09, 2013

Reflections and an Infrared Camera

When I first started playing around with a long-wave infrared camera, I was surprised at the amount of reflections visible in glass (e.g. windows). It's common to see visible light reflections in panes of glass if the light's right, but they're usually very faint -- I find that everything looks creepier in glass reflections.

Reminder: the camera isn't set up well enough for any temperature readings to be considered accurate.
Glass Reflection
In this video, the long-wave IR camera is looking at its own reflection on a pane of glass installed into the door of a cabinet. I think the image is reflected quite clearly. However, I can usually see reflections with my own eyes in this glass. The images aren't reflected like a mirror, but they are somewhat clear in my view.

Mirror and Glass Reflections
Same cabinet along with a mirror this time. It appears that the mirror reflects more infrared, which would make sense. On the other hand, the mirror sits closer to the camera. Would have been better to have the mirror and glass just beside one another.

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