Thursday, December 26, 2013


The year's coming to a close. What better way to bring in the new year while at home, bored out of your mind than to browse the Ikea website looking for cool things? Oh wait, that's just me...

Reminder that these are impressions only. I don't have any of the items and have not used them before.

Ikea RANARP Work Lamp (US$ 39.99, CAD$ 39.99)
This one's new to me and interestingly, it appears to come in two different colors, but availability may be dependent on country. More specifically, I found the RANARP on the US and Canadian websites: the US version is "off-white" while the Canadian version is "nickel plated". I do not see an option to select the color or separate models.

Update: Must have been a new listing when I first visited the websites. I can now find both lamps on the US and Canadian websites.

Price is pretty reasonable and the website says that the lamp takes the more regular E26 bulbs. The white version doesn't really do it for me, but the nickel version looks spectacular. I love the brass colored joints and the patterned, sleeved cables. It appears that even the lamp cord may be sleeved. This lamp has a sort of older, retro style going for it. And having brass accents on nickel makes for a very fine looking lamp. The effect isn't as pronounced on the white version.

Ikea PIFFIG Children's Shoes (US$ 5.99)
I don't know what's going on here. Unless I just wasn't paying attention way back when, it appears that Ikea has been busy expanding their product line for kids. There definitely used to be "regular" stuffed animals at Ikea, but this make believe or role-play stuff seems newer. Fairies? Deer wearing tunics? Mice wearing clothes? Shoes from make believe land (i.e. PIFFIG)? All I have to say is "interdasting".

Ikea FJALLBERGET Conference Chair (US$ 199.00)
Nothing to this one, just a chair. A really fancy looking chair. This chair appears to have a wood backrest, fabric cushion seat, and metal base. What I don't see are castors for rolling the chair around, which is interesting. The website says that the package's weight is 21 lb, so not that heavy, but not that light either. There are also specifications for minimum and maximum heights meaning that it's probably height adjustable -- could probably have guessed from the tube under the seat and adjustment arm.

The FJALLBERGET is a fancy looking chair, but my concern is how functional and comfortable it would be. No wheels may hinder movement of the chair, and a solid back and arm rest may make long sitting sessions less comfortable. Then again, I don't have the chair, so maybe it's good.

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