Wednesday, December 25, 2013

David's Tea Perfect Tea Infuser Review: Part 2

This coaster has been very easy to use. It fits my Klean Kanteen Tumbler almost perfectly with the lip barely sticking out beyond the rim of the cup. To use it, I put the infuser into the cup, add the tea leaves, pour the water in, and let it sit. Enough water is added for most of the infuser and the leaves to be submerged. Cleaning is accomplished with my hands used to scoop out as much of the leaves as I can, then rinsing the infuser under a tap. Pretty easy, both ways.

The tongue that sticks out beyond the lip has been very useful. As a solid stainless steel item, this infuser should be pretty good at conducting heat. However, I haven't had an issue with being burned when touching the infuser by the tongue yet. Whether this is due to the design or the relatively cool water that I've been using, I don't know. Regardless, the tongue is a useful addition.
David's Tea Perfect Infuser Mesh

Taste and Performance
I'm one of those people who leaves the tea bag in the mug for a very long period of time. To be more accurate, I usually throw the bag in, pour in very hot water, and let it sit until the water is cool enough to drink. That's a good 10-20 minutes, usually more, and the bag's left in while I drink.

With this type of infuser, it's very difficult to drink without removing it first. This has lead to lighter tasting tea for me so far. I should be leaving it in the water longer, but impatience and I are pretty tight. It tastes fine, I just am used to it being "darker". Not the fault of the strainer. The tea ball type infuser would probably work better for me. Or I could add less water or more tea leaves.

The holes on the infuser are very small. Larger leaves or bits have not been able to make it into the bottom of my cup yet. Only finer, very soft bits have made it to the bottom. To be fair, the paper tea bags that I'm used to have left bits too. Not a big deal. Some of my favorite tea has relatively large bits of leaves at the bottom that I find somewhat fun to chew on. At some point, I'll have to try using some finer grounds in there.
Bottom of the Cup -- Made it through
Like it a lot. Price isn't bad at CAD$ 12.50 and it should last for a while being stainless steel. Unless it starts rusting or breaks prematurely, I don't see a problem. The strainer works and removes the majority of the leaves that I use. Taste is fine and will be pretty good once I get the hang of it better (i.e. let it sit longer).

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