Sunday, November 17, 2013

(Spoilers) George Peabody Library and Doctor Who

***SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers may be found in the post below about VARIOUS ITEMS. And I'm going to add in a bit of filler text here to limit how much of the main article gets shown in a preview. That should take care of most of it. Hopefully. And away we go. SPOILER WARNING. ***

Interesting random find I came across a while ago. There was an article on a website with pictures of famous libraries around the world and one of them just popped out at me. That one was the George Peabody Library in Baltimore, Maryland.

What was so special about it?

It looked very similar to the TARDIS library in Doctor Who seen in the "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS" episode.

I didn't really bother to research either library in more detail, but now that I'm doing it, they definitely look similar, but not identical. The general layout with the open and grand atrium, ceiling, multiple floors, and columns are the similarities that stand out. Regardless, both libraries are simply stunning. The fact that something actually exists is very interesting.

Check out some pictures on Google. They apparently do weddings...

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