Saturday, November 02, 2013

Christmas 2013 Part 2: Ten Cheap, sub-$30 gift ideas!

6. Hansa Capuchin Monkey Plushed Toy (Cost: ~US$ 25.00)
It's a stuffed animal designed for kids, but Hansa toys are very detailed and plain cool. Definitely on the gag-gift side and low on utility. There's some weirdness about giving a grown adult a stuffed animal -- I'm not saying that's bad. This is what the Hansa capuchin conkey looks like. Many other options (i.e. animals) are available at various prices, even under $30.

7. Zippo Lighter (Cost: ~US$ 25.00)
Who doesn't need a lighter? Me for one. I don't smoke and don't burn things that often. That's what matches and Bic lighters are for. Zippos, I like to think, are works of art. One doesn't necessarily need to actually fill it with fuel and use it for fire -- the option alone is just a plus. There's a lot of potential utility, and it's sort of fun and kind of funny depending on the design. Since I'm set for fire, I'd just get one for the art and iconic clicking sound. Here's the Jack Daniel's version.

8. Ikea LEDARE LED Light Bulbs (Cost: ~US$ 10.00)
This is totally not a lump of coal even though it probably will take a few lumps to actually power it. LED Light bulbs are still relatively new and on the expensive side (i.e. cool and weird). At the same time, they have come down in price quite a bit from even a year ago. Everyone needs light and light bulbs, so this is useful. Ikea has standard E26 base 400 lumen and 600 lumen bulbs available for about US$ 10. I have experience with Philips bulbs as well and am quite happy with both brands.

9. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife (Cost: ~US$ 25.00)
Aside from being a bit of a work of art, Swiss Army knives are very useful. I have one and it's come in handy on an almost daily basis. The Fisherman version has a knife, scissors, screw driver, and can opener, among other things. Wenger offers a similar line of knives. I have one of each and prefer Victorinox just because I've had it longer.

10. Jack Daniel's (Cost: ~US$ 20)
If all else fails, go down to your nearest liquor store and buy him or her a bottle of Jack Daniel's. The bottle alone is pretty enough to act as a gift. You could maybe substitute wine or some other alcoholic beverage, but there's something about Jack. Was that so hard?

And that's a wrap. Hope you enjoyed this list that took a surprisingly large amount of time to write...

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