Sunday, October 27, 2013

Videos: Repeats, redos, legs, and bags

It's video day: made a bunch of new videos for the hell of it. Terrible ending with me almost breaking my new SX50. I had it attached to the tripod in the tripod's lowest position, carried it across the room, and set it down too quickly. It wasn't set down completely flat and the momentum tipped it over into my bed. Luckily, the camera landed on the pillow and only the tripod made contact with the bed frame. Ugh...

Overview of the J.Crew Abingdon Laptop Bag
This appears to be a pretty popular bag. I like it for its simplicity and threw up a review a long while ago. It only has a few pictures, so I thought I'd throw up a few thousand and turn it into a video. The bag is still on sale, last I checked, on the J.Crew website.

Working & Broken Ikea GALANT A-leg
A redo of a previous video I threw together really half-assed. This one is actually in focus and I also filmed a working A-leg so one knows what it should look like.

Camera Batttery Charger Electricity Use
Really boring but really short video of a camera battery being recharged. I wanted to check out how many watts that a simple camera battery used. Turns out the answer is around 2 W (meter not calibrated).

Small Portable Fan Electricity Use
A box fan was done last time, so I did a small fan this time. The box fan used something like 60-80 W (meter not calibrated) of electricity depending on the speed. This one at a fraction of the size uses way less.

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