Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Fall 2013 TV Lineup -- The stuff I plan to watch

The sun is going down earlier, the weather is cooler, and cloudy days are seeming like the new norm: it's fall. On the bright side, network television is back with new shows and premieres.

I've never been that big into checking out brand new shows religiously. It's more usual for me to not watch a series for years and then to suddenly discover it accidentally a few seasons deep. That's not to say I don't bother to check out series premieres, I just choose maybe two or three a year. This is how I found Once Upon a Time and Hannibal.

Fall Schedule
Here's a list of stuff I plan to be watching. It's more of a reminder for me than anyone else.

Bones - Monday, September 16, season premiere
Sleepy Hollow - Monday, September 16, series premiere
2 Broke Girls - Monday, September 23, season premiere
NCIS - Tuesday, September 24, season premiere
Person of Interest - Tuesday, September 24, season premiere
Revolution - Wednesday, September 25, season premiere
Elementary - Thursday, September 26, season premiere
Hawaii-Five-O - Friday, September 27, season premiere
Once Upon a Time - Sunday, September 29, season premiere
Family Guy - Sunday, September 29, season premiere
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Thursday, October 10, series premiere
The Walking Dead - Sunday, October 13, season premiere

There's other stuff, but they'll either premiere in November or even later. And I just realized that most of the shows I watch are on CBS...

Hell on Wheels: Season 3, started Aug. 9/13
Sleepy Hollow: Fall 2013 TV S1E1 Pilot Impressions

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