Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bag Lunch Challenge (Part 2): No cooking allowed

Trying something different this time: "Cooking" at work
One big issue with the last few attempts at bringing lunch to work was the need to think ahead, plan, prepare the food ahead of time, and bring it work. I'm now buying groceries and storing them at my desk. This should mean only having to bring new supplies one or twice a week, having to do nothing at home, no rushing in the morning, and not having to carry Tupperware to/fro on a daily basis.

Without access to a fully equipped kitchen, to limit attention, and to avoid annoying neighbours, things have to be kept relatively simple. This, amazingly, solves part of the thinking and exertion problem. And for the next while, no access to even a microwave because some genius set the one on my floor on fire. Other floors are territorial. In short: no cooking allowed.

Oh, and because of these complications, there's a good chance that the nutritional content of my lunches is going to be pretty bad. Thank goodness for breakfast and dinner?

The haul
First run at it
During lunch, I went to the nearby grocery store and picked a few things up that I thought could help follow my philosophy above:

- x2 bags of Tostitos
- x1 jar of salsa
- x24 slices of processed cheese
- x1 loaf of bread
- x1 bag of candy
- x1 jar of peanut butter
- x1 pack of foil plates
- x1 can of tuna
- x1 bottle of olive oil
- x1 box of cereal

What's outlined above is essentially a collection of sandwich ingredients and chips. Total cost was CAD$ 36. I'll update in a bit on how it goes.

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