Thursday, August 22, 2013

Slow week? Nope.

Dramatic week. Very annoying and "wish it didn't happen" week.

I quit -- not that I really ever accepted
My last update involved a very upsetting situation involving a bad secondary employer. To sum it up shortly, I quit after fulfilling my end of the bargain. Unfortunately for him, my end of the bargain was limited through my repeated reminders of the fact that I wasn't really available, and I didn't have much time to work on the project. He claimed otherwise to the end, wasting days where he could have tried looking for a replacement. Guess that was the salesman side fighting for survival that almost suckered me into depending on him for a living.

Fingers crossed
Hopefully, this is the end of ever having to deal with him. All bridges have been burned and I don't care because I hate the industry, and I have an actual full-time job in a different area anyways. Unfortunately for me, I have no idea how vindictive he is. And he's only seen my "nice" side. Fingers crossed!

Back to talking about popsicles and furniture soon.

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