Saturday, August 10, 2013

New Ikea LED Bulbs Released: August 2013

This is exciting: Ikea appears to have released a new batch of LED light bulbs. I noticed them on the and websites yesterday. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no plans to pick any of them up because all the new ones seem to be "non-standard" (i.e. E26) bulbs. Maybe they'll release some more over the course of the year.
Ikea E26 bulb
New Bulb Line-up
Here is a list of the new bulbs that I've noticed (all details from Ikea website):

1.  E12 base, US$ 6.99 (CAD$ 5.99): 2700k, 2 W, 90 lumen
2.  G9 base, US$ 6.99 (CAD$ 6.99): 2700k, 2 W, 90 lumen
3.  E12 base, US$ 6.99 (CAD$ 5.99): 2700k, 2 W, 80 lumen
4.  MR16 (GU 5.3) base, US$ 7.99 (CAD$ 8.99), 2700k, 3.8 W, 200 lumen
5.  GU 4 base, US$ 6.99 (CAD$ 6.99): 2700k, 3.8 W, 90 lumen

Brightness and Color Temperature
I've never had a lamp that used these bulb types before -- mainly because I didn't like the idea of having to buy "special" bulbs. As you can see, all of the above bulbs are very low wattage and four out of five produce less than 100 lumens. Mr. Google says that a 25 W incandescent bulb produces 200 lumens, so these are all 25 W equivalent or less. Decorative or really dim reading lamp bulb?

They are all 2700k in color temperature as well. This means a warm, incandescent like glow. I have not seen a bulb for sale at Ikea with a color temperature other than 2700k to be honest -- including all the CFLs I've checked out. There are some Philips bulbs available though.

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