Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dyson DC29 Vacuum Cleaner Electricity Usage

This was initially done for my Dyson DC29 vacuum review, but someone forgot to change the screen mode back to watts from cost. For some reason, being told that running my vacuum 24/7/365 will cost $850 a year isn't that helpful, so I deleted it.

Another vacuuming session was done, and I remembered to get some proper footage. Here's a video of my Dyson just being turned on. The machine doesn't turn the brush bar on, which apparently has its own motor, when it's in the upright position, and the vacuum motor probably doesn't run as hard either.

When the machine's just turned on and not moving, power consumption -- assuming it's accurate, which it may not be -- is around 950 W, which is pretty hefty. I've never measured the wattage of a vacuum cleaner, so this is pretty interesting to know. Think the value I had in my head from random comments and readings was just north of 1000 W. Under an actual load (i.e. while moving around vacuuming), it probably does hit above 1000 W. But the wattage more than likely varies depending on make and model, and probably even age if those two items are identical. Good thing I unplug the hot water kettle (north of 1 kW when boiling) when I need to plug the vacuum into that outlet every now and then.

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